An Angry Letter to America

I come here to rant about a scientific website doing this, only to encounter this exact same issue on Medium. I'm done.

Fuck America and its obsessive, capitalistic need to gate KNOWLEDGE behind monetary barriers. Subscribe to read more! Pay €100 for a textbook! Honestly, how can one fucking country be such a cancerous joke?

Your ‘ideals’ ruin everything. Good job killing so many innocent people, directly and indirectly, to keep fuelling your pathetic, disgusting greed. I’ve no idea how you even managed to become and remain a country, when you’re just. So. Awful.

Thank you for poisoning the mental waters of the world with your filthy, delusional obsession with money. You definitely didn’t make so many things in the world so much worse because of your bullshit ideas. Hope you’re proud of your work.




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