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3 min readApr 7, 2024
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To all those in power,

No matter what you do,

No matter whom you discriminate against,

They will always be human.

You might try to cast out those who are sick of your stupid, outdated, bigoted ideologies about gender, and how your genitals and your position on the sex spectrum (a beautiful revelation that nature is even more complex than small-minded humans would like to believe) ‘decide’ your entire life. Your career choices, your likes, interests, dislikes, passions, beliefs, ideologies. It’s all… honestly? Beyond stupid. It’s so depressingly simplistic, and gives the impression that those in power try way too hard to force creative, unique, brilliantly different individuals into one tightly shut box, so they can more easily ‘manage’ people.

None of what makes you, you, actually matters politically. There should be no law separating what kind of people can get married and why. If a gay couple wants to get married, what makes them any less human??? Do we need to have everyone wear a sheet of their DNA that proves they’re human, so they can start being treated as such?

For some reason, we’re so eager to admire diversity and uniqueness among other animals, but not amongst ourselves. That bird has a blue feather where the other one has red, that one is green and pink, and look, that one has purple shiny neck feathers! We love the variety of beautiful flowers that bloom in spring, we rejoice and luxuriate in the elegance of summer forests, we delight at the sight of snow sheets covering the once-green trees, but we cannot appreciate the unimaginable variety humans can have?

Why should there be any difference between humans when we are all of the same. Literal. Species? We should be looking to support and aid each other, not bring those who are different down. What gives any one feeble little flesh sack any more power over the other?

Guess what? Nothing does.

Why can’t we just let people live their lives however they wish?

I just want everyone who has ever been discriminated against to know this, deep in their bones:

No matter what anyone says, politician, moron, or even family member, there is one thing that will always be true:

You are just as human as everyone else.

No matter what country you were born in, no matter what you look like, what you like, how you view or identify yourself, you are as human as every other human.

Go out there, be yourself, embrace your worth, as a 100% worthy human being, do what you love, do not harm others for no bloody reason, and always remember that you are human.

And guess what? Even horrible people are human. We somehow either seem to forget that, or place too much emphasis on that, or romanticise it like drooling, under-evolved creatures. Stop lying to your bloody self. They’re human, so they must be treated as such. This means whoever commits atrocities must be justly punished. They shouldn’t be getting away with it because they’re rich, famous, or whatever other stupid superficial quality this disgusting world places too much value on.

We live in a very complex universe, full of beautiful facts that can, for some reason, be described by maths. Stop wasting your time judging others, trying to make them feel small and sub-human, when your actions make you into the very thing you think you can destroy or damage. It’s pathetic. If you are insecure, don’t project it onto others. It’s no one’s fucking problem or responsibility but your own. Leave everyone else the fuck alone.

And one last random quote from this morning, from my brain:

“Instead of spending your time watching the greats, spend your time being great.”



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