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This Stupidity Has to Stop

Shit that Physicist Thinks
3 min readDec 29, 2017

Okay, I’ve grown sick and tired of the whole “girl gamer” and “gamer” thing.

First of all, the gaming culture need to get their heads out of their fucking tight arses and realise that the gender of the person playing a video game is the most irrelevant and pointless thing to focus on, ever.

I see this way too often and far too commonly, it’s absolutely repulsive and sickening.

When will people reach that point of realisation where what a girl is interested in is only seen as that — interests? She doesn’t need to be a ‘stupid blonde who’s obsessed with makeup and how her tits look’. That’s not what a girl is. That’s a stereotype.

When you talk to a girl, if she mentions video games as one of her interests, please, for the love of everything that’s logical, can you stop changing your entire mindsets to view them as ‘girl gamers’? Can we end this disgusting idiocy created by people whose mothers should have swallowed?

When a girl tells you she likes swimming, she’s still the same person, she likes swimming. Same goes for reading, drawing, painting, shopping, travelling, etc. But when a girl tells you she likes League of Legends, Overwatch, Fallout, whatever fucking video game they like, instead of viewing them as another human being with common interests, you get all fucking weird. Stop. Stop it. You’re the reason aliens don’t reach out to us.

It’s a lot like when a man says he likes a specific type of dancing, or some activity commonly associated with women. Can’t you stupid pieces of shit be more open-minded about things and stop so fucking religiously committing your perspectives and thought processes to outdated generalisations that make me want to jump off a cliff?

Video games are supposed to be representative of more than what many people believe they are on the surface. Gamers are some of the people who bring new and amazing technology to the world. They inspire. They commit. They, through discipline, reach greatness.

Personally, I’ve come across many clever individuals who commonly identified as gamers. Then again, they also knew they were much more multifaceted than that, as unique human beings. None of them cared whether the person they played games with was male or female. They just played. They kept that bullshit and cancer out of what should be one of the more mentally progressive societies out there, seeing how the whole thing works these days.

Nothing is strictly male or female oriented. Any man or woman can farm, create, draw, race professionally, go to the moon, create awesome AI that can also probably kill us, explain how the world works, paint — you get the bloody point. I don’t understand how so many people fail to see this, or the beauty in the variety of what everyone can do, and how irrelevant the traits people are commonly discriminated against actually are.

You’re a human being, unique in your own ways. No one’s ever lived what you’ve lived, through your eyes. Which means no one is exactly the same as anyone else, no matter what common traits they share. Open up your fucking eyes, or put on some glasses, or something. You know why you miss skill shots and your aim is trash? Cause you’re fucking BLIND.

Categorising individuals is a waste of time. Seriously, just fucking stop. Accept people for who they are. Look for what makes each one of them interesting. Of course, if they’re not, to you, then bugger off. They’re interesting to someone else. So, stop trying to taint them with your stupid, useless, pointless opinions. No one actually cares what people think of them. Because, if they did, they wouldn’t be who they really are when they’re alone. A lot of humans have just grown conditioned to being judged and disliked for who they’ve become, so, honestly, they can’t be arsed to deal with your bullshit.

No. No one cares. Shut up, mate. Go fix your own personality before you tell someone else to do so. God. Fucking idiots everywhere.



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